Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi there, this is the Yank, and I would like to introduce you to my friend the Aussie.

Meet Rachel Karen Starks:

She’s the Aussie in our duo. She a daughter of the King. She’s an encourager of people. She’s a world-changer. She’s an influencer. She’s a leader worth following because of who she is and how she lives.

She’s loves camo, the country, converse, and cute clothes.

She’s my inspiration, my speed dial, my roomie, my friend.

I’ve seen her go through hard things. Big things. I’ve seen her hurt. And I’ve seen her joy. I’ve seen God ask things of her that she didn’t want to do. And I’ve seen her do them anyway. I’ve seen her sacrifice for others. I’ve seen her lay down her life time and again for the sake of someone else. I’ve seen her trust God in the dark. I’ve seen her stay the course in the storm.

In the eleven months that I’ve gotten to know her I’ve seen her grow like grass grows in the summer.

I watch in awe the amazing, incredible woman of God that she is becoming.

This is my Rachel.

Dearest Rachel, my Rachel, thanks for sharing your life, for sharing your heart, for the privilege of knowing you and the honor of calling you my friend.

I love you like crazy.
"The Yank"
{no regrets. no surrender. nothing less than absolute courageous victory.}

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  1. Oh, yes! :D That's our Rachel to a T. :D I praise the Lord for her and for the blessing that she's been to the lives around her.