Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Shampoo Saga

So the other day the Yank and the Aussie were talking on the phone. Nothing amazing about that, they always talk on the phone. And while they were talking the Aussie was cleaning the bathroom in her house. Nothing amazing about that either, she does that a lot when they talk on the phone. What was slightly unusual, was the following conversation that occurred.

Yes, this really happened.


Rachel muttering: “Ouch! Length and strength…” slightly louder “I’m being attacked by the conditioner bottle Alaina!”

Alaina (who was still trying to make sure she heard “length and strength” right) asked: “Is your shampoo bottle green?”

A hesitant “Yes.”

Alaina. “Oh my word! Are you serious? We have the same shampoo!”

Rachel. “No way!”

Alaina. “Yeah we do. Green bottle, Garner, length and strength… Dude!”

Rachel. “Well, I just bought mine a couple weeks ago.”

Alaina. “I just bought mine a couple weeks ago!”

Rachel. “And I bought it at…”

Alaina. “Walmart!”

Rachel. “Because it was…”

Unison. “on sale.”

Alaina. “Yeah I wanted to try something new on my hair.”

Rachel. “Me too!”

Rachel. “Okay okay, so what day did you buy yours?”

Alaina. “Um, I’m pretty sure it was a Tuesday. Yeah, pretty sure.”


“Rachel? Why? When did you buy yours?”

Rachel. “Tuesday.”

Alaina: “No way!”

Rachel: “Okay so morning or afternoon?”

Alaina: “Morning.”

Rachel: “Oh good! I bought mine after school.”

Alaina: “Well that’s something anyway, we aren’t total copy cats!”

Rachel: “Yeah apparently, just I am.”

Alaina: “Hey it’s only fair! I’m older… remember? The older and wiser woman, that’s what you called me.”

Rachel: “That’s so freaky!”

Alaina: “I know, right? And it’s funny because I thought about you when I bought the shampoo.”

Rachel: “Why?”

Alaina: “Well because it’s for “hard to grow and fragile hair” which you have. And I know you want your hair to be longer, so I thought I would try it and tell you about it if it worked.”

The conversation eventually moved on to other things, like how we were going to go tell Mommy Butler and Mummy Starks about our newfound mental telepathy and all around total unoriginality. Mommy Butler just shook her head (she’s used to us by now.) And Mummy Starks laughed (she’s used to us too.)

And so, the general conclusion is that if we’re already communicating this well without even trying, (seriously, how many people buy the same shampoo, on the same day, for the exact same reasons?) goodness knows what we’ll be like after another 6 weeks in close proximity to each other in a foreign country!

Stay tuned. This could get really interesting. ;)

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  1. I love the story! I could totally hear y'all talking when I read it!