Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sisters or Friends?

The Aussie and the Yank spent a day at the amusement park Frontier City in OKC last weekend. In one line we stood for probably 45 minutes making friends with three siblings that seemed to decide we were pretty much the coolest thing ever, just because we listened to them talk about their pets and video games. ;)

After a while one of the boys turned to me and asked: "Are you two sisters or friends?"

I said: "Friends." Then I looked at Rachel and said "Do you think we could be sisters?"

Devon (10): "Yeah I think you could be sisters."

Christian (12) "No they couldn't!"

Devon, looks at me and says, "Well if you werent so tall... and changed your hair... and your eyes... and... (looks me up and down)... everything else."

At one point they were guessing our ages.

Rachel: "How old do you think  I am?"

Katelyn (8):  "16."

Rachel: "Uh, no, I'm 20."

Katelyn: "You should have a kid."

So apparently, she's 16 and needs to have a baby, and I need to have a great deal of surgery to look like her sister. ;)

Never a dull moment.